Monday, 1 December 2014

November Faves


As you have probably worked out, today's post is going to be a November Favourites!  I feel like November went really slowly, is it just me? Anyways, I'll just get into the favourites!!

Pamper or Beauty I don't even kno
I've got another Lush pick this month and it is the "Luxury Lush Pud" bath bomb. It smells soooo good and it looks incredible in the bath! - By the way I will be putting up a post all about Lush soon  :)

I forgot to take a picture before using it so
enjoy this one from the Lush site :)

All about it - Hoodie Allen ft Ed Sheeran 
I love Ed Sheeran and recently I've been liking Hoodie more. Again, not my usual taste but I really like it.

Blankspace - Taylor Swift 
Pretty might everyone has been obsessing over Blankspace this month and it's no surprise because it is a great song (in my opinion)

XIAT- Trevor Moran
I don't know what to say because we all know Trevor and his music slays. If you don't know who he is, all you need to know is that he is amazing as is the song! 


No joke, I watched Elf over a dozen times in November - no shame - but I just love Elf it is my favourite Christmas film.

I'm sure it's no surprise that I am huge fan of Zoella! This isn't really the type of book I usually read but I'm enjoying Girl Online and I'm about half way through it . I don't want to spoil anything so I'll just say that the plot and Zoe's style of writing make it a nice little read. - Update it's a few hours later, I've finished the book and I loved it! 

That's all for this month but I also decided to throw in my advent calendar, obviously I haven't used it yet but I love it! 

What advent calendar have you got, if you've go one?

Have a great day filled with unicorn goodness 
- Aleena x  

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Gifts Galore

With Christmas right around the corner  ( in fact as I write this there is exactly one month left) I thought I would compile a list of gift ideas that are all under the £20 mark so they are perfect stocking fillers or great gifts for your friends. 

Personalized Nutella 
 -As soon as I found out these exist I knew I needed one! If you know someone who is crazy about Nutella (coughs me coughs) you can pick up a jar and pair it with one of these!  

Everyone needs pajamas and you can pick up some very cute and inexpensive ones from Primark or F21.

DJ Deck Scratching Post
 Perfect for any cats (or crazy cat ladies), I think this gift is both hilarious and adorable!

80's Trivia Cards 
I would think this is great for dad's but it's a nice little stocking filler.

Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker
 Honestly I included this because I want one! 
Come on - who wouldn't love one of these?! 

Gumball machine 
I think this is a great gift for both girls and boyys. I would give this with a packet of treats to fill it and I'm sure anyone would appreciate it! 

Subscribtion box
There are loads of subscrition boxes out there from beauty to snacking to gadgets. What you can do is buy them one or two boxes as most boxes range from £10-£20.

Candles are always great gifts and you can pick up some great ones from places such as Next, but personally I love Yankee Candles! 

Pamper kit 
You can buy great kits from places such as Lush or Boots, or you could even pick up a few things and make your own kit. 

These are great for good friends or mums (mums especially will appreciate it). 
I wouldn't recommend giving it to someone you are not as close to as  they think you are subtly calling them smelly.

This is quite an obvious gift but if you know that someone is a fan of a show/artist/youtuber or whatever else, they will most likely love any sort of merchandise. 

Nail Polish hi-lighters 

These are so cute and I think they are a great little addition to a stocking. You could pop a few different stationary bits in too  from places like Paperchase.

Name a star / Adopt animal
These two gifts actually do fit into the price group but seem like  really big gift. Again, I'm sure anyone would be excited to name a star or have a stay named after them. Also the animal adoption is great for animal lovers - and ofcourse the animal itself.

Beauty Bits
Another obvious one is getting some of holiday edition beauty bits. I don't have much else to say about these. 

If all else fails, there are always gift cards right? Thank you for reading, I hope this has helped you out in buying presents for Christmas or Hannukah or someone's birthday or whatever else   :)

- Aleena x

Monday, 3 November 2014

October Favourites

I'm back! Today's post is going to be all about the things I've been loving through out October! A little warning, for some reason there is a vast amount of youtube related things in here so if somehow you cannot stand the mention of youtubers, I don't think this one's for you.

Let's start with food, I've been obsessing over Nutella and Go!
It is basically just a portion of Nutella with mini breadsticks nevertheless it is delicious! I can't even think of anything more to say about it because if the word "Nutella" hasn't enticed you to try it, I don't know what will!

It is sideways so sorry about that


Clothing wise, I've been wearing this cocoon cardigan an awful lot.
It is light and super comfortable which is great now that it is getting a tad chillier, and it can be styled in lots of different ways.

 Besides still repetitively listening to TRXYE I've been obsessing over 4 songs in particular;
-Need you right now - Bethany Mota  The song is super catchy and its great that Bethany is branching out in so many ways.

-Nobody - Ricky Dillon (ooh another youtuber) I loved Ordinary and now Nobody too! It is very upbeat and catchy and O2L are just amazing.

-Centuries - Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy are my favourite band and I love the song. (obviously, why else would it be in a favourites?)

-VooDoo Doll - 5SOS Again, this song is very catchy and 5sos are amazing so...

BEAUTY (?) or pampering ?
This month I loved using one of my personal Lush favourites; Bubble Gum Lip Scrub which does an excellent job at exfoliating your lips. I love all things Lush so much and will be posting a blog post all about it very soon. - side note "soon" is a very annoying word which you will especially dread if you are a fan of Troye Sivan.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella, has released a line of pampering products. I'm particularly fond of the "Blissfull Mistfull Body Mist". I can't identify specific notes but I think the general scent is quite fruity. I'm a huge fan of Zoe so my excitement for her new range was pretty crazy.
You can pick up the body mist from Superdrug or on for £8 :)

Last but not least, entertainment! First off, I obviously loved watching lots of Halloween movies including; Twitches, Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus! Over on Youtube, my friend Amel revamped her channel so I would love for you to go over and check out her channel where she will be posting lots of beauty and tag videos.

Also, I've been binge watching 24 on Netflix, which is my absolute most favourite show! Fortunately I had my half term during October so I got to stay up late watching 24 :) To summarise, each season of 24 follows a day of federal agent Jack Bauer's life, as he derails terrorist attacks.

Found this on tumblr and it is one of the most relatable things in my life.

The first couple of episodes of each season are not the best but honestly, once you get past them you will be hooked.
Lastly in this little category, The Apprentice. If you live in the UK you will probably know that The Apprentice is back for it's 10th year! I'm loving this season just as I have all the others.

Podcasts are a thing that I've never been into until now, in October I had been catching up with both Tyler Oakley's podcast (PsychoBabble) and Grace Helbig's podcast (Not too deep with Grace Helbig). Both are absolutely hilarious so go subscribe on iTunes for free :) In other news Grace has just gone and become a New York times best seller!

That's all for todays post, I hope you enjoyed it
- Aleena x

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Review; Tanya Burr-Little Duck

Today I am going to be reviewing Tanya Burr's Little Duck.

First of all, I love Tanya Burr. If you don't know who she is she is a famous beauty blogger and youtuber, I feel like her line shows that being a blogger and youtubers can be careers, I mean I don't think Tanya's collection would be out if she hadn't taken up blogging and making YouTube videos.
Being a huge fan of Tanya Burr I had to get my hands on some of her products. I had high hopes and I can easily say I was not disappointed!

Superfrug and feelunique- £5.99 retail price
 Her collection ranges from pale pink "Mini Marshmallows" to purple-grey "Penguin Chic".
I chose the colour "Little Duck" because I like to wear greens and blue and I knew I would get a lot of use out of it if I liked it. The colour is brighter than my beloved Gabrini 348 but more muted than Essie's Mint Candy Apple.

2 coats is always enough and even without a top coat it seems to last a good 5 days with minimal chipping (: It also dries fast which is great because I am impatient and fidgety!
The only downside I have found is the packaging. In the 6(?) day process of opening the lid and cap we used 7 people, a flame and a door to get it open. 
It was worth it though ((:
Overall I love Little Duck, it is the perfect duck egg colour with a great formula and I will DEFININETLY be buying more of Tanya's products. (: I definitely recommend Tanya's line and you should check out her blog and YouTube channel if you haven't done so already.

Thank you so much for reading
- Aleena (: