Sunday, 11 May 2014

Review; Tanya Burr-Little Duck

Today I am going to be reviewing Tanya Burr's Little Duck.

First of all, I love Tanya Burr. If you don't know who she is she is a famous beauty blogger and youtuber, I feel like her line shows that being a blogger and youtubers can be careers, I mean I don't think Tanya's collection would be out if she hadn't taken up blogging and making YouTube videos.
Being a huge fan of Tanya Burr I had to get my hands on some of her products. I had high hopes and I can easily say I was not disappointed!

Superfrug and feelunique- £5.99 retail price
 Her collection ranges from pale pink "Mini Marshmallows" to purple-grey "Penguin Chic".
I chose the colour "Little Duck" because I like to wear greens and blue and I knew I would get a lot of use out of it if I liked it. The colour is brighter than my beloved Gabrini 348 but more muted than Essie's Mint Candy Apple.

2 coats is always enough and even without a top coat it seems to last a good 5 days with minimal chipping (: It also dries fast which is great because I am impatient and fidgety!
The only downside I have found is the packaging. In the 6(?) day process of opening the lid and cap we used 7 people, a flame and a door to get it open. 
It was worth it though ((:
Overall I love Little Duck, it is the perfect duck egg colour with a great formula and I will DEFININETLY be buying more of Tanya's products. (: I definitely recommend Tanya's line and you should check out her blog and YouTube channel if you haven't done so already.

Thank you so much for reading
- Aleena (:


  1. Hiiiii! You're really good at this stuff! Check out my blog if you will, Amel

    1. Holaaaaa! Thank you (: okey dokey I haven't checked it out in a while :D